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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Quote for the day...

"Children rarely misquote their parents.  Quite the opposite, they repeat brilliantly word for word things their parents should never have said." (Anonymous)

I think one of the most surreal moments in parenting is hearing something you've said come out of your child's mouth--especially when it's something you say so often you don't really hear yourself saying it.  A few months ago, Andy was playing with my Dad and he (Andy) said, "Let's think about this"--which is something I say to him all the time.  It was so odd hearing such a grown-up statement coming out of his little kid's mouth.

Ah, but he's growing up every day.  We took him for his "interview" at the montessori school today, and he did just fine.  Now it's a question of waiting for a space to open up--could be next week, could be months from now.  I hope it's soon.  His curiosity astounds me, and he's started asking questions (like, "where do bubbles come from") that I don't really know how to answer (how do you explain the concept of surface tension to a four-year-old?).  Andy has an explorer's mind, by which I mean that his thoughts sometimes veer off into unexpected, but very interesting, directions.  I think Montessori will accommodate that tendency and help him learn to use it for his own benefit, whereas I think public school will try to beat it out of him.

I don't know when I got to be so negative about public schools.  Chuck and I are both products of good public schools, and before we had kids it never occurred to me that we would be sending them to private schools.  And, I don't think I'll have a problem with public schools for middle and high school.  But now, when Andy's mind is in its formative years and he is so open to so many things, I just can't see putting him in a room with desks in a tidy row. 


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