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Friday, September 17, 2004

Breakfast, yes or no?

I saw this question on a meme website.

My answer: yesyesyesyesyesyesyes!!!! Breakfast rules. When else are you allowed--nay, almost expected--to consume multiple forms of high-fat dairy products? Butter, cream cheese, cream.... the mind boggles at the possibilities.

I really would not be able to function without breakfast. Whenever I get around to being chrismated into the Orthodox church, I'll have to fast on Sunday mornings before communion. Great for my spiritual health, sure, but not so great for my tummy.

So, what is my favorite breakfast? Hmmm. Really, it's hard to say. Sometimes, the Sawmill breakfast at Cracker Barrel seems like the only proper way to start the day. On the weekends, there must be either pancakes or waffles on one of the mornings. During the week, though, I'll have raisin bran, or oatmeal, or a bagel with cream cheese. Really, I love them all for different reasons. One breakfast item I don't like, though--donuts. There's not enough substance there to keep me going for any length of time. Donuts are an appropriate breakfast time dessert, but they won't do for the whole meal, if you ask me.

And here's my secret breakfast confession. I like real maple syrup, but I like the cheap fake stuff better. I like the thickness of it. Shhh! Don't tell Martha Stewart. Oh, that's right, she's in the pokey and can't do anything about it anyway.

In other matters, Ivan has mostly missed us, but will probably cause a rain-out of the Sox/Yankee game tonight, making DH rather grumpy. But right now, the sun is shining. I may even be able to get out for a run tomorrow, but we'll see. We've got a birthday party and a visit to a new baby tomorrow, so we'll be pretty busy.

MarthaBob update... With DH's help, I've gotten the paint on the walls, ceiling, and baseboards. It looks way cool. Now all I have to do is the stencilling. I may try to get started tonight, depending on how easily the kids go to sleep.


  • At 12:49 AM, Blogger Erica said…

    I totally hear you. I couldn't function without breakfast either!


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