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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The cutting edge of technology...

... is where I am tonight. Chuck and I got new cell phone plans today, and new phones along with the new plans. And as it happens, the camera phones were actually a better deal than the regular phones with the features we wanted, so we are now that proud owners of camera phones.

I know the novelty will wear off soon, but for now it's way cool. I've taken a couple of pics of Andy and one of Wally the Green Monster (the Red Sox mascot). Wally is my "wallpaper" on the phone.

Even cooler is the voice-activated dialing, which was a feature that I really wanted. Press a button, say a name, and BINGO! you're calling.

In other news, a cute thing happened while I was running this morning. I'm jogging along on the college campus I usually run at. Lots of people run out there, and I don't run very fast, so I wasn't really all that surprised to hear someone running behind me, quite fast. As the person approached, I moved over to let him past, expecting some really buff triathelete or something. Nope. A kind of pudgy guy in jeans and a t-shirt books past saying "Good morning! It sucks to be late!"

Any way, I thought it was funny. Back to play with my phone some more. Maybe I'll even call someone...


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