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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Home renovations continue

Martha-Bob continues her rampage through the Small household. I have completed project one, which was painting wooden letters spelling the boys names for their rooms. Not very Martha Stewart-ish, unless you consider the fact that I bought two different shades of red acrylic because the red accents in Owens room are a tomato red, while the red accents in Andy's room are more of a brick red.

I bought the paint for the sea scene today--two shades of blue (chuck helped me pick the colors), brown for the baseboard (to look like sand on the ocean floor, dontcha know), and two colors of stencil paint for the seaweed. I still have to sand the moulding and prep the walls.

I started on project two, which is a shelf for Andy's room. I'm painting it the same color blue as the lower part of his wall; tonight was primer night. I'll do the actual painting tomorrow.

By the way, the glow in the dark stars on Andy's ceiling look really cool. He loves that he can shine his flashlight on them to make them glow again when they start to fade.


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