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Thursday, September 09, 2004


After an insanely busy two days, the sentencing guidelines are safe (at least in the Fourth Circuit, and at least for a month or two), and the state of Virginia may dispense its justice upon the person of James Reid. That takes care of two of the three major things that have been occupying my time at work. Now it's back to the usual flood of stuff to do.

Today was my day for meeting with Fr. Marcus. It'll be our last meeting for a while, as he's heading to Russia next week for almost a month. We talked about the centrality of Christ to creation--the meaning of creation is found in Christ. In Orthodox theology, it's not that Christ came into the world to "fix" creation; rather, Christ was the whole point of creation from the get-go, and the created world can only be understood in light of the eternal existence of the incarnate Word. As Keanu Reeves would say, woah.

Tonight is more painting on the aquatic scene in the playroom--I'm doing the first coat on the ceiling. Wish me luck--I've never painted a ceiling before.


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