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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Yes, I'm still here....

Time for a general update...

Training update... The 5K is 18 days away now. Training is going well. My longest run is only 3.5 miles so far, but that's enough to get through a 5K, provided the organizers aren't fibbing when they say it's a level course. My times are improving, too. On long runs I'm at about 11 minutes per mile; today I ran 2.3 miles at 10:33 per mile, which I'm pretty pleased with.

Martha-Bob update... Stencilling is cool. The seaweed--what I've done of it, anyway--looks great. I'm hoping to finish the whole thing by the end of the weekend. After that, I'll probably take a project break to get ready for the holidays.

Stitching stuff... I'm working on Mirabilia's 1997 Cherub as a Christmas gift for my parents. She's a garden fairy, and I love the mischievous grin on her face. I still need to stitch Owen's Christmas stocking, but I don't know whether that will get done before this Christmas. I'm not too worried about it, though. Andy didn't get his stocking until his third Christmas, either.

Kids... We have found a Montessori program for Andy. The high-falutin' place we like didn't have a space for him, and our neighbors have spoken really highly of this program (their 5 year old attends there). Plus, it's a lot closer to home, and I can drop Andy off on my way to work. We took him for a visit and he really liked it, and he's excited about starting on Monday.

Owen, the little goober, has learned to climb out of his crib. We've had to get tough on bedtime, which has meant locking him in his room at bedtime (I know, it sounds horrible, but he can climb over a gate). We had gotten into the bad habit of letting him get out of bed if he cried, but we're putting a stop to that, and boy, is he pissed. However, last night went better than I expected. We let him cry for a while, and then I went in and rubbed his back until he settled down for sleep. When I went in, I discovered that he'd actually climbed back into his crib for bedtime.

Chuck is biking a good amount, which all of us like (well, Owen doesn't--he went looking for his Daddy the last time Chuck went for a long ride). The Red Sox are in the playoffs. Check the comments section for anything else--he's "mabelleamie."

That's it for now. Be well, y'all.


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    I was just wondering how the "under the sea" room was going. Any chance we'll get pictures when it's all finished? I can't wait to see. Glad to hear your training is going so well. Best of luck on the 5K!


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