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Friday, October 08, 2004

State of the stitching

In emulation of the fabulous Whizgidget, I'm going to start doing a quarterly stitching review. For the most part, this will serve as concrete proof of how little I get accomplished in three months' time. Without further delay, here we go...

Three Months ago: I was doing very little stitching, actually. Life (well, actually work, but it felt like my whole life at the time) had gotten the better of me and my evenings just didn't seem to include time for stitching. So, not much got done. Let's leave it at that, shall we?

Where I am now: I'm currently working on the 1997 Mirabilia Cherub, which will be a Christmas gift for my parents (she's a garden cherub and they spend a lot of time working in their garden). In August, I started and finished a little tuck pillow for my secret stitcher (no, I don't have a picture. I'll get to that at some point.)

Lately, I've developed a hankering to learn how to crochet. I think it's because fall is coming and it's time to curl up in warm, cozy things. But, I can't take up a new hobby without finishing a few things first. I have way too many WIPs on my hands. Which leads me to...

Goals for the upcoming quarter: Basically, I want to reduce my backlog of smaller WIPs so that I can justify learning crochet and so I can also return to some bigger projects (most notably DS#2's Christmas stocking) that have been languishing. So, I'm going to finish the following items in the next quarter:
1. The Cherub (she's 90% there; I'm hoping to finish her by the end of the month);
2. Chatelaine Dragonfly freebie (about 80% done, but it's a small design and shouldn't take long);
3. Two Christmas ornaments that have been hanging around for a while, and both of which will probably go to my secret stitcher;
4. The 2000 L&L Angel freebie (the one with the baby). It's probably 75% done, but it's a bit bigger than the others, so whether I will actually finish it by the end of the year is a little bit iffy. We'll see.

I think that should keep me busy enough, don't you?


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