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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tuesday Twosome

Tuesday, February 01, 2005
Under the weather...

1. What is worse: having the flu or getting your wisdom teeth pulled?
At this point in my life, the flu. It’s a mom thing. If I have my wisdom teeth pulled, I’ll have pain for a couple of days but otherwise I’ll be okay, so I can go about my usual business of being a mom. If I have the flu, I’ll feel like total crap but I’ll still have to be a mom, and it will suck royally.

2. What are two "comfort" foods you want when you are sick/ill?

Cranberry juice cocktail combined with ginger ale. Is that one or two?

3. When sick, do you need somebody to take care of you or you can take care of yourself?

Generally when I’m sick, I just want to crawl into bed and sleep, which doesn’t require much pampering. It is, however, nice to have someone around who will go to Publix and obtain the beverages mentioned in the previous answer.

4. When you start to feel ill, do you go straight to the medicine cabinet to pop pills or do you wait it out to see how bad it will get?

I generally don’t take medicine of any kind unless I feel like I need it to function.

5. What are two things you do to help prevent illness (vitamins, eat healthy, etc.)?

I take a multivitamin and I exercise regularly. The problem is, I generally exercise too hard, which depletes me and thus makes me more vulnerable to illness. Gotta love life’s little ironies.

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