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Friday, March 04, 2005

Owen, Owen, Owen....

Really, is there any more that needs to be said? I guess there probably is. After sleeping through the night three nights in a row, God bless him, Owen decided that sleeping was not the cool thing to do last night. It's not even like he wanted cuddles--he was awake. As best I can tell, it was a combination of things--his ecxema is horrible right now, so he was very itchy, and he didn't eat much for dinner, so he was hungry. Whatever the cause, the little booger was awake from 1:30 - 5:30 this morning. Can I reject reality again today? I want to retreat to a fantasy place with a big, soft bed, a cuddly kitty, and no wake up calls.

In other news, Andy and I planted more seeds--Cosmos and Sweeties--the other night. I just checked on them this morning, and I see a couple of seedlings starting to poke through the soil. The green beans we started last week are going like gangbusters. He took one of the green bean seedlings to school for show and tell today. I can't wait until he can bring in some of the actual beans!

Also, Chuck (who got no more sleep than I did and who has a headache on top of it) will be accepting, and placing into my raised beds, a truckload of soil and compost today, so I'll be all ready for planting. Have I mentioned how gorgeous my raised bed turned out to be? Chuck designed it and built it, and he did a bang-up job. I'll post a picture when I have one. I can't wait to see it overflowing with flowers and greenery.

All right, time for me to go off to work. *Yawn*


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