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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Another illusion shattered.

I was snoozing away early this morning when I heard Andy cry out, "Mommy!" Being the loving and attentive mother I am, I rolled over and hoped he'd go back to sleep. No such luck--30 seconds later, another plaintive "Mommy!" was heard. My boy needed me! I leapt (well, stumbled) out of bed and ran (well, shuffled) to Andy's room. "Mommy's here honey, it's okay." Just as I was uttering this reassurance, he wailed again--and it turns out he had been calling for "Bubby", not "Mommy."

Ever gracious, I retrieved Bubby from the pile of things he had brought into his bed last night (including the bath mat from his bathroom--oooooookay....) and tucked Andy and Bubby back in. I was rewarded with a request for snuggles, with which I happily complied until I heard Owen stirring. At this point, thinking that Andy was back asleep, I hightailed it back to my bedroom so as to be in the proper snuggling location for Owen. Messing with Owen's morning routine is about as misguided as denying me coffee in the morning.

Despite my efforts, Owen's routine got messed with. He snuggled with me for about a nanosecond, then got Chuck from the other side of the bed. They went downstairs and discovered, much to everyone's horror, that the animal DVD Owen loves so much will not load into the player. Not good. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth (some of it Owen's), Chuck got him settled in with Baby Shakespeare and went to wake up Andy, who promptly told him that I, heartless wench that I am, had refused to snuggle with him. At this point, Owen comes upstairs to find out why no one is snuggling with him. He sees me and decides that Daddy snuggles will not do, they must be mommy snuggles. Now both kids are wailing, and Chuck and I are about to join in.

I'm not sure how we managed it, but we got them settled down. And now I'm in my office, trying to stay awake and wishing I were still snuggling with my kids.


  • At 12:51 PM, Anonymous i was there said…

    it wuz howibbal. barnum & bailey's has nothing on our morning ritual. and the wordt part is that somehow i feel it's all my fault. if onlyu i could have gotten my older son to sleep earlier he wouldn't have been so hard to pry out of bed. he would welcome the new day and all it's challenges, like getting dressed and eating breakfast. if only . . . nope, no clue what to do about our early morning mommy-clinging only-one-video-will-do monster . . .


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