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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sing, sing a song...

Andy loves to sing. In addition to singing all the songs he learns at school, he is constantly making up his own songs. Here is the song he sang to me this morning on the way to school:

Oh, North Carolina is a State,
And South Carolina is a State,
And Africa is a, um...
("Mommy, what's Africa?"
"A continent."
"Oh. Okay.")
And Africa is a condiment!
And South America is a ...
("What's South America?"
"That's also a continent.")
And South America is a continent, too.
And Chukar Way is our neighborhood,
And that's where Sydney lives,
And that's where everybody lives who came to my house
For my pumpkin painting party,
And we painted pumpkins.
And airplanes do have wings,
But rockets don't have wings,
And cars don't fly because they go bump, boom
And then they crash down, YEAH!

The "yeah" is how you know the song is over, and it's a very helpful cue given the stream-of-consciousness nature of Andy's songwriting.

I donated blood yesterday. I'm not saying this to toot my own horn or anything--it's a segue to a public service announcement. Go donate blood. I know there are people out there who cannot donate blood for one reason or another, and all of y'all are off the hook. I also know there are those of you out there who donate regularly, and bless you for it. For the rest of you--those who can donate but never have, and those who haven't done it in a while--I say, get off your tush and go do it. Go save a life or two, or three. And don't tell me you're afraid of needles. I practically have to be sedated to get a shot, and I *never* get flu shots because it involves needles. Donating blood is an entirely different prospect, however. It's literally one second of "ouch" followed by 10 minutes of completely painless blood giving. Are you really telling me you can't handle one second of pain so that you can save somebody's life? C'mon, get over yourself.

Here's a little incentive for you. If you don't already donate blood regularly, go donate and let me know about it. I'll send you something as a reward. If you're a stitcher, it will be some kind of really cool floss. If you're a nonstitcher, it will be something small but nice. Okay? Now go do it.


  • At 8:48 AM, Anonymous your not so sugary daddy said…

    wow. what a great offer to get stitchers and others to donate blood, especially when the need is so great. for being a loyal blood donor for what seems like years now, i will let you buy some really cool needles -- guilt-free and not to be deducted from your monthly allowance! this offer void where prohibited by law and may not be duplicated. a substitute for needles may be purchased but may not exceed $28.64. offer expires when the red sox win another world series.


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