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Friday, May 20, 2005

How I spent my spring "vacation"

You will, of course, notice the quotation marks. I began the week (during which I promised my boss to "check in" periodically, which has ended up meaning that I contemplated checking in, and then decided there was probably nothing going on anyway), with firm intentions to "sit on my butt and knit all day." Needless to say, that is not how things turned out.

Monday was errand running day, but since that included a trip to a new yarn store (Yarns forever) , it wasn't all bad. Diane at YF rocks--check out her online store.

Tuesday, I cleaned in the morning. Tuesday would have been an ideal sit and knit day, but no. What started as a search for a missing Thomas the Tank Engine turned into a lengthy tidy-up session--the kind of thing I ordinarily have no time for, but that needs to be done occasionally.

Wednesday... I volunteered at the last minute to take kids from Andy's school strawberry picking. Despite the fact that no knitting was involved, I had a great time. The afternoon involved an unsuccessful attempt to persuade Chuck to let Andy and me get a kitten.

Yesterday sucked all around. We had someone come to the house to evaluate Owen for eligibility for federal services. We figured she'd spend a few minutes with him and then tell us we were crazy for thinking he has a speech delay. Not so much. Owen appears to have both a speech delay (a fairly significant one, at that), a delay in fine motor skills, and -- here's the thing that made the day totally suck -- indicators of autism. The dreaded a-word. I know the situation is not all that bad; if he is autistic, he is very high functioning. Nevertheless, it freaked me out. We have more evaluations and meetings coming up, of course. Gonna be fun.

So, here it is Friday. Owen is home today, so no sitting and knitting for me. However, there will be a trip to Barnes & Noble for a long, solitary browse, and probably a jaunt to A.C. Moore for some yarn for a small knitting project for kids in Mongolia. Then back home, and with any luck I'll be sufficiently hopped up on caffeine to knit during Owen's nap.

Despite all this, I have gotten some knitting done this week. I'm working on the baby blanket, and I'm loving it. I can get a row (140 stitches) done in about 10 minutes, which is good because I realized the other night that my time to finish this project is growing perilously short. The baby is due on July 3, which is a mere six weeks away, by my rudimentary calculations. I am very much hoping she'll be late, late, late.


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