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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Oh, come on.

***Snark on***

If you're going to weasel out of the school work day, and the rescheduled school work day (darn rain!), at least make sure your stories are consistent.

One of the parents at Andy's school told me that she and her husband couldn't make the first work day because (1) she had another commitment, and (2) hubby is disabled with a bad back, and so can't do physical work. That's totally cool with me (whether it's cool with the school director is another story, however).

But yesterday, the same mom tells me that she and hubby can't make the rescheduled work day because that's the only day her hubby (the disabled one) can help her move books from her old office to her new office. Um, right. He can't schlep mulch around, but he can carry a bunch of books. Got it.

Then she reminds me that Furman's graduation is that day. Um, half the parents at the school are Furman professors, and look how many of them are on the sign-up sheet. Do you know why that is? Because graduation is at 6:00, and professors don't have to line up until 5:30, and the workday is done at noon. Hmph.

It was so lovely to be able to respond, smiling sweetly, "Well, that's fine. There's a sheet to sign if you can't make it, and Maureen will let you know what else you can do on a day other than the work day." Translation: You are not getting out of your volunteer obligation that easily, lady. Maureen and I will hunt you down and *make* you contribute to the school from which your child is benefiting so hugely, and to which other parents willingly contribute. We are not a big enough program to just let it slide.

Of course, if we're forcing people to do stuff, it's not really a volunteer thing, but hey--everyone who signs the contract for the school agrees to serve five hours per school year volunteering.

***Snark off***

Thanks for all the comments, everyone! It's nice to know that there are people out there reading, even if you don't comment (and even if your comments are designed to fill my house with yarn and get me in trouble with my hubby!). I'm thinking that when I have some time this summer I'm going to try to jazz up the blog a bit, and I'm also going to sign on to a couple of web rings (Knit One, Read Too looks good, and there's a Southern Knit Bloggers. I wonder if there's a webring for lawyers who knit? I wonder if I should start one?). My blog definitely needs more pictures (I am dying to show y'all my progress on the blankie, and the wonderment that is my garden). Maybe I can convince Chuck that if I can't have a kitten, I should at least have a cheapo digital camera so I can upload pictures as I take them. Hmmm.


  • At 10:37 AM, Blogger Glenda said…

    Definitely more pictures are in order. :)

  • At 12:49 PM, Anonymous JudySC said…

    * 5 hours a YEAR volunteering? Couldn't be much more minimal than that...but weasels will be weasels...

    * I too vote more photos...I'm addicted to Crazy Aunt Purl and her illustrated blog...

    * We really need another SC GTG...


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