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Monday, May 23, 2005

Things that make you go Hmmm.

You know what freaks me out? When I go blogsurfing and pop into a blog that uses the same template as me. Every time it happens (which admittedly, is not too often), I have this brief vertigo-like sensation. "How did I get here?" Then I realize it's not my blog, but someone elses, and all is well again. Still, it's kind of freaky.

The blogs I've been surfing are knitter's blogs. I am officially in love with knitting. The lovely baby blanket that I am making is so sweet. A perfect pink color (not muddy at all, you know how pink can be), and so soft and cuddly. Its wonderfulness makes up for the fact that the only way I am going to finish it before the baby is born is to give up sleep. So, give up sleep I shall, because it's gonna get done.

And by the way, like any red-blooded knitter (or stitcher, or other craft), my response to stress about the baby blanket is to start another project. It's nothing big--just a turquoise scarf for the Dulaan Project. Or maybe a neck gaiter--it's very wide, since I cast on 25 stitches in a very bulky fabric. Or maybe I'll be really brave and attempt a keyhole scarf. In any event, it's my "just a minute to knit" project. It's all garter stitch, so no thought or counting is involved. The only challenge (since I like to work on it when the kids are awake) is keeping Owen from grabbing the skein of yarn and running off with it, giggling madly. It's a little game we play.

Speaking of Owen, my little guy had a rough weekend. When he woke from his nap on Saturday afternoon, he had a temp of 104 and was quite miserable. (He felt better after he puked all over the freshly cleaned living room carpet.) We suspected strep, but the doctor says it's just viral and he'll get over it in a few days. In the meantime, his fever is down but he keeps holding his throat because it hurts. And, I've had to wake him up the last couple of nights to give him medicine. He hates that (I'm not crazy about it either, frankly). I'm hoping we can skip that tonight, since his fever has been pretty well under control for the last 24 hours.


  • At 10:10 PM, Blogger Rani said…

    That knitting bug bit hard, didn't it? ;-) Sorry to hear that Owen is feeling so rotten. I do hope he is on the mend soon!


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