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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Here goes nothin'

The first word out of Andy's mouth upon waking this morning was "Yippee!" He then ran into our bedroom shouting "It's my birthday! Mommy, it's my birthday!" It's actually not his birthday today--today is just the party. His birthday is next Friday. Apparently, however, such trivial distinctions are lost on the youth of this household.

We're just about ready for la fete. Andy and Chuck are out getting the balloons, cake, and some ice. All of my prep work is pretty much done (for once, I have managed to keep things simple. There will be no ice cream because I don't want to bother trying to keep it frozen at the pool. And there will be no fruit salad because people who don't RSVP do not deserve such niceties. Yes, I'm still torqued about that, thanks for noticing.) Hot dogs, chips (potato and tortilla), veggies & dip, various drinks, and cake. And goodie bags, of course. And the pool. Hopefully that will keep everyone happy.]

So, now I just have to hope that people show up. Cross your fingers for us.


  • At 11:27 AM, Blogger Jenn said…

    And you of course have only enough goodie bags for the kids whose parents bothered to RSVP? And the goodie bags are sooooo coooooool that the kids whose parents didn't call are going to be completely and totally jealous, and then you can oh so sweetly inform said little brat within earshot of said parent that "your mommy (or daddy) didn't tell me that you were coming so I didn't know to make you one, and now there isn't anything left"

    Yep, I'm evil... I've had enough of those parents where we no longer even have parties that aren't at home because of the food issues. And the goodie bag thing above was a real situation. DD11 spent hours personalizing the bags themselves with her friends' names and paper flowers and such, we filled them with leis and coconut cups and hats and all kinds of luau things, and four kids showed that hadn't bothered to call (including one who hadn't been invited by us but rather heard about the party from the grapevien and decided to show up on her own!!!)

  • At 4:01 PM, Blogger pattiblaine said…

    Happy Birthday, Andy. :) I hope your party is a complete success.

    We invited all of Kate's 15 classmates to a party in our home during the Christmas break. Three let us know they couldn't come, three let us know they could, the rest left us hanging. I had goodie bags ready for all but only gave them to the three, one of which called and withdrew because of illness. Kate had a blast and didn't notice. I'm still miffed! ;)


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