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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A mind is a terrible thing.

Creativity should be used for good, not evil. Sometimes, however, the creative person finds it difficult to tell the difference between "Wow, honey, that's brilliant!" and "Honey, you probably shouldn't have done that." To illustrate the difference, I give you the following two examples of my husband's creativity.

First up: Creativity used for good.
We've wanted a table for the kids to build their train tracks (and sundry other construction-type things) on for ages, but the things are hella-expensive. So on Monday, my darling hubby had the brilliant idea of adding 1x4 edges to an old table from Ikea that had been hanging around, being generally useless. Seven dollars and three coats of paint later, we have this:

A train table that Owen loves so much he wants to sit on it to be sure it doesn't fly away.

Next: I wish he hadn't thought of this:

What you see here is a "Blue Meany", which Chuck concocted by freezing blue raspberry bug juice and blending it with vanilla ice cream. I thought it was vile; Andy, of course, loved it.

I suspect we will be serving them at Andy's birthday party (where we will be serving, apparently, every food that Andy likes and many that he doesn't, but which he insists must be served anyway).


  • At 7:57 AM, Blogger Susan said…

    Wow! What a cool table. Can I commission your DH to make one for me? I can't believe the prices they're asking for the Thomas the Tank tables!

  • At 12:18 PM, Anonymous yo, susan said…

    As Kir says when she cooks something tasty that looks complicated, "it really was simple." Any old wooden table with flat edges should do, as long as it's got some size to it. Kir's old Ikea table, formerly our coffee table and dinner table during our wild and crazy kidless days, measures 47" x 28", just big enough for a Thomas setup with an expansion kit. I used on 1" x 3" wood for sides -- nothing special; three sides were found and cut from my lumber pile of "structures in waiting," and Kir slandered me on the cost of the fourth side: only $2.28 for the lowest grade wood that would look the same once painted white. In retrospect, 1" x 2" would have worked fine -- just enough for a lip to contain the trains.


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