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Sunday, June 19, 2005

What I did this weekend,

an essay by me.

I took Friday off so I could go shopping. How decadent is that? I honestly can't remember the last time I went to the mall, and after running around for a couple of hours trying to find the *perfect* outfit, I know why. I hate the mall. But I did manage to find a slinky black dress suitable for a nice dinner out (see below). I had wanted to build an outfit around a lace tank top in this gorgeous chocolate brown that made my skin positively glow, but unfortunately they were out of the matching skirt in my size and the matching pants appeared to be designed for people with the curves of your average 2x4. So, like any red-blooded American woman, I sought solace in footwear and got a lovely pair of sandals at 40 percent off. Yay, me.

So, dinner. Chuck did some research not long ago for a friend, and in addition to paying him, said friend sent along a $100 gift certificate to a tres swanky new restaurant in town--the kind of place where Chuck and I might think about going to celebrate a major anniversary (10th, 25th, you get the idea), but then we'd say, "Nah, too expensive. Let's try someplace else." But, if you're going to spot us $100 to get started.... It was really, really, really good. Impeccable service, excellent food, and they seated us at this cute little semi-circular booth that was perfect for people watching. Then we took a walk downtown before heading home. All in all, a really nice evening.

The rest of the weekend has been fairly routine. I got a bit of knitting done last night, but not enough. I saw the mom of the recipient of the baby blanket, and she looked ready to explode. I'm going to try to finish it this week, and hopefully the blanket will be done before the baby arrives.


  • At 8:35 PM, Blogger pattiblaine said…

    Sounds like an enjoyable weekend, Kirsten. You had that coming! :)

    On Friday I visited the post office on your, and your mom's, behalf.


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