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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hand on my heart...

I hereby solemnly swear to finish the following projects before starting anything new:

(1) The baby sweater for my soon-to-be-born nephew
(2) Above the Clouds
(3) Andy's crochet blanket (bleah...I've got like 55 squares to go.)
(4) My Dad's scarf

Technically, I haven't started the scarf yet, but I have everything I need now, and I cannot wait to get my needles into the gorgeous alpaca I have for it. Mmmm. Also, I'm claiming an exception for our trip to New England in August--I'll take whatever project I feel like working on.

The blanket is going to kill me, though. It's completely hay-uge, in colors I don't like, and with "yarn" I despise. Which is why, of course, I have to solemnly promise that I will not start anything new until it's done, because otherwise I will never finish it.

The other projects are coming along, however. I've started the front of the baby sweater, and I may even finish the whole thing by the end of next week. For some reason, I got stalled for a while out of some kind of fear about actually finishing the back. What? Me, finish something? Seriously, I fear the unknown.


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