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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Dead Penguin Walking

Andy and I went to see "March of the Penguins" on Saturday. It would appear that even though we were in the same theater, sitting right next to each other, we saw completely different films. I saw a beautifully photographed film about the lengths these penguins go to in ensuring the continuation of the species. I saw love and loss, joy and pain, survival and death.

The movie Andy saw, evidently, was all about different ways penguins can die. The poor kid wanted to leave after the seal showed up (there were several lingering shots of sharp seal teeth), and I totally had to lie to him about the bird incident ("They scared him away, honey. It's okay."). We ended up leaving before the end--he just couldn't take any more.

Word to the wise: Sensitive five-year-olds and nature movies do not mix well. Just so you know.


  • At 3:24 PM, Anonymous Judy said…

    My daughter (11) heard from some of her friends that it was gruesome and all about dying penguins too. So evidently it's not just 5 year olds who are affected. The promos make it sound so upbeat; they ought to WARN us before we take our kids!! For the record, we will not be going to see it ...

  • At 7:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We went and saw a movie about Beavers at the Imax. It was great and we all really enjoyed. The only part I had to explain was the procreation scene. "Um, Victoria! Look, they're dancing!" It was actually really cute because of the sappy music they played.


  • At 6:41 AM, Blogger Elfinlady said…

    I'm sorry Andy had such a rough time with the movie. We won't be going to see it, because I'm afraid DD would have a similar reaction.

  • At 8:34 PM, Blogger Erin said…

    Oh, poor kid! I'm just glad you let him leave (not that I think *you* wouldn't); so many parents would make them stay because it's "good for them." Whatever. Most nature films, of any kind, are a bit rough, so I was really surprised at how they were marketing it.


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