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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Note to readers: Thanks for the well-wishes. I'm feeling much better today. Still no pics of the Dulaan item, though. My model and I spent too much time playing outside after dinner last night. Maybe tomorrow.

The other day, Andy and I went to the fabric store to pick out a halloween costume and the accompanying pattern. (Yep, I'm going to sew Andy's halloween costume, and I ... stop laughing. Seriously, I mean it. I can do this. Yes, I do too have the time. No, I don't have to prove it.)

We sat down at the pattern table and opened "SewKwik Halloween costumes." Andy had been alternating between being a pirate or a knight, so you can imagine how this went.

Me: Okay, honey, let's look for a pirate or a knight costume.
Andy: I like that one!
Me: That's a bear.
Andy: Yeah! A bear!
Me: A bear costume would be awfully warm. Why don't we keep looking?
flipping of pages proceeds
Me: Hey, there's a nice knight costume. How about that?
Andy: No, I want to be a pirate.
Me: Oh, okay, here's a pirate costume.
Andy: no, not that kind of pirate. But I like that part. pointing to the bandana under the pirate hat
Me: Well, okay....

We repeated a roughly similar procedure for several more books, until we got to the McCall's book. Then this happened:

Me: Hey, Andy, here's a really cool [read: really easy] pirate costume. points to pirate costume on left-hand page
Andy: Wow, that's cool! I want to be that! points to dinosaur costume on right hand side of page
Me: You want to be a dinosaur?
Andy: Yeah, a T-Rex! A purple one!
Me: Everyone will think you are Barney.
Andy: No, I'll be a T-Rex!

After multiple assurances that it was his steadfast, if newly formed, wish to be a dinosaur for halloween, we got the pattern out and started looking for fabric. Andy immediately flung himself onto the first bolt of faux fur we passed, proclaiming that he wanted to be a "soft" dinosaur. Soft, indeed. Also "expensive" and "possible victim of heat stroke on a warm October afternoon." After being dissuaded from his first choice, Andy proceeded to fling himself (sometimes metaphorically, sometimes not) onto various bolts of fabric, all of which shared the property of being totally inappropriate, due to fabric content or price, for the project at hand.

When he found the tiger fabric and declared a steadfast wish to be a tiger, I knew we had to go back to the drawing board. So back to the pattern table we went, much to the amusement of the women who had been there on our first foray into the books. We ultimately settled on a Robin Hood costume (Andy's been into the Disney animated version lately). Andy likes it because the kid in the picture has a bow and arrow--never mind that they are not part of the pattern. I was fine with his choice, though, because the pattern proclaims that it can be done in "ONE HOUR!" This means that instead of a day off, large quantities of caffeine, and my entire vocabulary of epithets, making the costume will require only a late evening (or two), a few mild oaths, and a beer (or two. per evening, of course).

Further updates as events warrant.


  • At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Annie Adams said…

    I just wanted to say that I just so thoroughly enjoy your blogs!! Have you ever thought about writing a book? Short stories? I hope you'll keep these fun stories about your kiddos for later years. They're priceless!!

  • At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Judy said…

    One year my then 3 yo son wanted to be a ninja turtle. Try finding a pattern for THAT. (I ended up using someone's old throwaway kiddie pool for the shell, and a green sweatsuit for the rest. Oh, and some purple fabric for the belt and mask. He was in heaven, I was out about $1.95 for the fabric. But you can't get that lucky every year!)

  • At 10:43 PM, Blogger Valerie (grvlgal) said…

    Oh, you have me laughing on that one. Kids! *lol* Glad he finally settled on something that won't make you crazy (or bankrupt or kill him with heat stroke).

  • At 1:33 PM, Blogger Terri said…

    Oh how funny! I had forgotten how many times they can change their minds in a minute ;)


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