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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

General Life Update/Blog Randomness

I've been cruising along at work these days--not frantically busy, as I often am, but very productive. I'm in the zone, so to speak. So I haven't been blogging much, because I generally blog when I have law clerk's block (closely related to writer's block, except that it involves a mule-like unwillingness to read yet another badly written brief and do the lawyer's work for him/her because I feel sorry for the client, and because even if the lawyer doesn't feel like doing her job, I still have to do mine), which I haven't had lately. What I do have is a bit of a cold that's been hanging around for several days now, making me feel just a wee bit yucky, but not so much as to justify going home.

Update on my Mom: She's recuperating well, although frustrated that she is not back to full speed. Unfortunately, she will have to have more chemo. They have removed all the cancer they could visually identify, but apparently there are still microscopic bits of it still in there someplace. After chemo, radiation.

The fact that she's having more chemo is freaking me out a bit. In my mind, if you're having chemo it's because your life is in imminent danger. And I'm sorry, but after six months of chemo and a radical mastectomy, you should be done with the whole "imminent danger" thing. You should be moving on to the "well, that's that, then. Go on with your life as though you never had cancer in the first place" thing.

In happier news, Owen is well on his way to being fully potty trained. As I write this, he is having a "practice day" at the Montessori school Andy already attends. If it goes well (i.e., if the director decides that Owen is ready for the program), we will shift Owen out of his current preschool and into this one at the end of November/beginning of December. It will be great to have the kids at the same school, and it will make life so much easier when Chuck goes back to work ...

... which he will hopefully be doing soon. He's definitely ready to go back, and he has a pretty decent shot at teaching in the Criminal Justice dept of the local Tech college. While we're waiting for that to materialize, he emailed a friend of ours who is a writer (and who, like Chuck, is a recovering lawyer) for leads for freelancing that he might do. She promptly emailed back: "I'm sure I can help, but I'm leaving for Istanbul in a couple of hours. I'll email you when I get back next week." I love how she just casually tosses that out, like she's going to the grocery store and not halfway across the world. (N.B.: Mapquest doesn't like it when you ask for directions from South Carolina to Istanbul.)

And that's it for me, at least for the moment.


  • At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Judy said…

    Ah, potty training is wonderful!!

    It looks like there are several bloggers in the GSP area -- I can think of five off the top of my head. We should set up a blogger meeting some time. I'll be back in touch, or email me (address is on my blog).


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