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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


So, there are no pictures in today's posts. Wanna know why? Because the two darling boys pictured below have been incorrigible challenging this week. And because I have so much work right now, and I am so stressed out about it, that all I can do is sit at my desk and think about how implosion or its polar opposite, spontaneous combustion, both sound pretty good right now.

But there is knitting going on, because it's court week and while I'm listening to arguments (live via computer feed, which is so very cool), I can just sit there, or I can sit there and knit. So I'm knitting. And I'll give you a hint: When my scattered brain manages to remember the camera, C will be for cables, baby.

And I just figured out that acceptance letters to the magnet schools Andy applied to will be mailed out next freaking Monday. I hadn't been stressing about schools until that little piece of information came up on my computer screen. Now I'm totally freaking out.

Gah. Someone pass the valium, please.


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