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Friday, March 31, 2006

Where am I going?

And what's with this handbasket I'm in?

Ah, yes, dear readers, I am back. Sorry for the hiatus--I had just managed to jerry-rig a solution to the Owen-kicked-out-of-daycare thing when Andy came down with this ick that's been going around and caused several days of non-stop chaos. (This happened, of course, two days after I started Weight Watchers. Because nothing tests your resolve to lose weight like spending three days with your kids and one of them is sick, and the other one is how he usually is, and you have work to do. I would say that I utterly failed to rise to the challenge (it sure felt like it at the time), but I managed to lose two pounds. So there.)

Life is still rather insane. My solution to the daycare problem, since there is currently no worthwhile full-time care available in Greenville, is a college student who is absolutely fabulous. Seriously, I was on the phone with her, trying to inform her of Owen's unique behavioral profile without sending her screaming for the hills, and she told me that her mom runs a school for special needs kids, where she has worked every summer for most of her life, so it's no biggie. Can you say "Godsend?" I knew you could.

The only hitch is that she's in class until 2 most days, so I've got a big gaping hole in the middle of my workday between picking Owen up at preschool (10:45) and her coming to my rescue (2:15). You'd think I'd like taking a long lunch every day, but really it's not so hot. I love spending the time with Owen, but work is a tad busy right now, and I need the two hours I'm losing.

Plus, the one hour that *was* my lunch hour is gone, so no more lunchtime running for me. Which means that the only time I have to exercise is after the kids go to bed. That, of course, used to be my knitting time. But alas, weight loss takes priority right now--the pool opens in 8 weeks.

I have been knitting a bit here and there, and there is some stuff to show you, but there hasn't been much time to take photos, transfer them to the computer, get them to my webspace, and then blog about them. Now that things have settled into something resembling a routine (let's not kid ourselves by calling it "normalcy"), hopefully my blogging will resume its erratic usual schedule.


  • At 4:57 PM, Anonymous Judy said…

    Well, you evidently stayed with the program well enough, if you lost 2 pounds! Congratulations on getting the child care situation worked out, too. I remember those times, and not fondly...


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