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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Irony, thy name is Owen.

We knew something was up as soon as we pulled into the Publix parking lot. There was Maggie the Mayfield Dairy Cow in all of her fiberglass glory, 15 feet high and taking up several parking spaces.

They were having some kind of event (we never did figure out whether there was a unifying theme), part of which involved the presence of the Cat in the Hat--or, more accurately, a guy dressed in a CITH suit that had seen better days.

Andy didn't freak out, but neither was he interested in making a close inspection. Owen tried to crawl back into my womb. After I convinced him he wouldn't fit, he spent most of the rest of the (mercifully brief) shopping trip huddled in the bottom of the shopping cart, evidently on the theory that if he couldn't see it, it couldn't see him.

So we get home and go on with our day. A few minutes ago, I popped my head into Andy's room to see what Owen was up to in there. He was reading The Cat in the Hat.

Friday, April 28, 2006

I is for Iced Tea.

I have an entire post about iced tea, but in the interest of directing some traffic over to my new food blog, I thought I should post it there.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tadaaa! I actually finished something!

Two somethings, actually--a couple of hats for the Dulaan Project.

Something Number One:

A simple little hat, knit in the round with Lion Brand Wool. I loved the colors (the picture shows them pretty well) and the way that they sort of spiral up the hat (which the picture does not show so well). The yarn is very nice--better than I usually expect from Lion Brand. Springy and soft, not at all splitty. Also, great yardage in the skein--I have a ton left over after knitting this hat.

Something Number Two:

An even simpler hat, knit in Paton's Classic 100% merino. I knit the body flat, then seamed up the back and grafted the top with pink yarn to add some color. Then there are the tassels (obviously) and the band of single crochet at the bottom, which kind of messes with the ribbing but not enough to make a difference in how the hat fits.

I'm also plugging away on the baby blanket. I'm not bothering to take pictures because (a) it's not much to look at on the needles, and (b) I'm thisclose to being done, and I'd rather just take pictures when it's all finished and pretty.

In other knitting news, I met up with some fellow knitters last night at the brand new humongous Barnes & Noble. We had a great time, and I look forward to getting together with these ladies again.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Episode #56***

In which our heroine discovers that her seemingly mild-mannered husband is really ...

... the infamous and reviled Voleur de Chocolat!

When she confronts him, he becomes desperate and distracts her with a new car:

With a trunk capacity of two boys and a backpack.

Naturally, our heroine forgives the scoundrel, because gasoline costs more than chocolate these days and her new car gets wicked good gas mileage.

***My apologies, everyone. I keep exceeding bandwidth from Geocities. I shall be jumping ship shortly to a place that provides a little bit more. Suggestions are welcome.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I feel so ... unsatisfied.

I should have known it was a mistake to use the word "consummate" in the same sentence as "car purchase" in yesterday's entry. Using that word always makes me feel a little bit naughty, given (a) its usual use in the context of romantic relationships, and (b) the fact that I have a puritanical streak a mile wide, despite my repeated and vigorous attempts to stamp it out.

So anyway, the car dealer woman promised me the car would be at the dealership, ready for me, on Wednesday (that would be yesterday). My plan was to go to work in the morning, pick Owen up from school at 10:45, and head home until Chuck got off work at 12:00, where upon he and Owen would drive me to the dealership and I would drive back to work in my spiffy new car.

That is not what happened. What actually happened was that I spent two hours trying to get hold of the saleswoman, and when I finally did she brushed me off and told me she'd get back to me in an hour. (N.B. to salespersons: do not give a customer your cell phone number and then get huffy when you are called on it. It pisses me people off.)

When she finally did call me back, the story was that the car was not quite in the port in Jacksonville (strange ... last week she told me it was coming from Atlanta) but that--and seriously, I am quoting here--"I can definitely tell you that it will probably maybe be here on Monday, the 24th."

Probably maybe? Seriously? And she used the phrase at least three times, which leads me to believe (a) she actually thinks it means something, or (b) she's being, shall we say, less than forthright about the location of my car. Hmmmmm.

In any event, I am still schlepping around in the Honda, and definitely will be until probably maybe sometime next week.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

H is for half-assed

Edit, circa 4:00 pm: My deepest apologies, dear readers. Geocities has decided that I am exceeding my data transfer limit and is denying hosting access. Hence, no pictures. Anyone who has any idea what I can do about this, please comment or email me.

It occurred to me the other day that I have a tendency to be rather slap-dash. Preparation and planning mean not doing, and when I decide I want to do something, I generally want to do it right that very second, not after I have researched and planned and organized and purchased, etc. etc. etc.

There are exceptions to this, of course--the car purchase I plan to consummate today (yay!) was quite exhaustively researched and planned. But then again, the exception proves the rule, right?

All of this is by way of introducing my garden, which is undeniably half-assed:

The tall set of poles to the left is for my green beans--nice, sturdy, appropriate. See the short white set in the middle? Those are for my peas (which are only supposed to be 18" tall, incidentally). Wanna know what the poles are? They're the stick-things that you use on miniblinds to turn the louvers. We were out of actual garden supports, and I didn't feel like running to Lowe's before planting my peas, so there you go. Half-assed pea supports.

The "layout" of the garden is similarly haphazard. Some degree of thought went into the placement of tomatoes, peas, and greenbeans, but when it came to the cucumbers and watermelons, I just made mounds of soil where there seemed to be enough space. We'll find out eventually if I was right.

For the record, this year we are growing: Tomatoes (Roma and Beefsteak), green beans (pole type), jalapenos, banana peppers, cucumbers, watermelon (sugar baby), radishes, and peas. There is garlic in the garden, but that was a winter crop and should be ready to harvest soon.

I also have some herbs growing (H is also for Herbs): Parsley, which I always have going (seriously, if you grow nothing else for yourself, grow some flat-leaf parsley); Basil (which I always grow and never use, go figure), Cilantro (which I invariably kill); and some perennial herbs, namely, lemon thyme, tarragon, and rosemary.

What? What's that, you say? You're here looking for crafting content? My bad. There is precious little knitting going on, and what knitting is happening is devoted almost exclusively to the pinwheel baby blanket that would not end. I've reached the black-hole stage--I keep going around and around, but somehow the darn thing does not grow. With any luck, though, I'll make some progress between services at church this week (it's Holy Week for me).

I'm also jonesing to do some stitching, but I never seem to have a decent-sized block of time to sit down with needle and thread. Gonna have to work on that.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Internet Rocks.

Wanna know what I'm doing right now? Other than blogging, I mean. I am--get this--negotiating the price of a new car. Via email. How cool is that? Rather than driving from dealership to dealership, I sent out emails to the four closest Toyota dealerships asking for their best price on a 2006 Matrix. When I get all the responses, I'll shop around the lowest price to see if I can do better. Then I will buy it, with the aid of a loan I *also* got over the Internet, all without leaving my desk and/or dealing with a pushy salesperson.

All in all, not bad compensation for dealing with the kids during spring break.

And there's a new Knitty. I'm totally making this, and these, and possibly this. If I can figure out where to get the listed yarn, I might knit this. I'm told the "Circulo Anne" called for in the pattern is actually #3 crochet cotton, but I'll be damned if I can find anything resembling (a) the colors or (b) the yardage she identifies in the types of #3 cotton I can find online. I'll need to ponder that some.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Amen to that, Sister!

Andy got sent home from school yesterday for having a sty on his eye. A STY, people. But it was a draining sty, and Dr. Spock says those have bacteria in them, which makes them contagious, which means the kid has to go home.

Well, not directly home. First to my current-fave second hand store (the fact that I love it and have a frequent shopper card means it's doomed, unfortunately), then to my office, then to an unnamed big-box toy store for essential supplies (play-doh, sidewalk chalk, and water pistols), then to the ice cream stand, and THEN home. Then Allison the uber-sitter came and rescued me from my children so that I could shop online for a new car get some work done.

In the midst of all that, my latest order from Amazon came: The Yarn Harlot's latest book and the first book from co-bloggers extraordinaire Ann and Kay.

Reading Stephanie's book is a lot like reading her blog, except better because it doesn't cause eye strain. I was particularly taken by the following statement: "Knitting and yarn appeal to the senses. A project in the works smells good, feels good, looks good. Never feel bad about wanting it hanging around. Knitting is too beautiful to be clutter. A half-finished shawl left on the coffee table isn't a mess, it's an objet d'art."

Check it--I'm not a slob, I'm a brilliant home-decorator! Somebody call Southern Living!

(In my defense, not all of that up there is yarn. The storage container is Tinker Toys. The ziplock bag is a cross-stitch project, which is so completely different. Right?)

(Extra points if you can correctly identify one or more of the knitting/needlework books in the picture. There are four.)