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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Amen to that, Sister!

Andy got sent home from school yesterday for having a sty on his eye. A STY, people. But it was a draining sty, and Dr. Spock says those have bacteria in them, which makes them contagious, which means the kid has to go home.

Well, not directly home. First to my current-fave second hand store (the fact that I love it and have a frequent shopper card means it's doomed, unfortunately), then to my office, then to an unnamed big-box toy store for essential supplies (play-doh, sidewalk chalk, and water pistols), then to the ice cream stand, and THEN home. Then Allison the uber-sitter came and rescued me from my children so that I could shop online for a new car get some work done.

In the midst of all that, my latest order from Amazon came: The Yarn Harlot's latest book and the first book from co-bloggers extraordinaire Ann and Kay.

Reading Stephanie's book is a lot like reading her blog, except better because it doesn't cause eye strain. I was particularly taken by the following statement: "Knitting and yarn appeal to the senses. A project in the works smells good, feels good, looks good. Never feel bad about wanting it hanging around. Knitting is too beautiful to be clutter. A half-finished shawl left on the coffee table isn't a mess, it's an objet d'art."

Check it--I'm not a slob, I'm a brilliant home-decorator! Somebody call Southern Living!

(In my defense, not all of that up there is yarn. The storage container is Tinker Toys. The ziplock bag is a cross-stitch project, which is so completely different. Right?)

(Extra points if you can correctly identify one or more of the knitting/needlework books in the picture. There are four.)


  • At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Judy said…

    I got those 2 while my stinkin' Charter service was out, and I pretty much inhaled them. I LOVE Mason-Dixon Knitting, and I though Knitting Rules was excellent, too -- finally some tips and tricks from the Great Knitter. And I so agree about the objets d'art...I got dem ob-jays darts all over my house!!
    Have you been to Yarns Forever since she expanded? Wow, now we'll all have to learn to spin and dye, too. Oh, no....


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