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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Add it up

I have a tendency to be, shall we say, overoptimistic about the number of projects I can complete in a given lifetime period. Indeed, my husband some would declare with great certainty might suggest that I am something of a Pollyanna in this respect. Fools, I say. Naysayers! Bastards! I will not let you get me down!

As of the end of May, I had the following projects gathering various amounts of dust percolating along:

(1) A cute little folk angel that has no particular deadline, and that I just enjoy stitching.

(2) A rather elaborate dragon that I intend for Andy, providing he still thinks dragons are cool when I finish it. Original finish goal: Christmas 2005. Current goal: Sometime before Andy goes to college.

(3) A pair of socks for my mother in law (the ones pictured in the previous post).

At that time, I had the following looming over me in the wings:

(1) An Afghan for my mother in law. Due date: ages and ages ago. The socks are an attempt to throw her off the scent.

(2) A cross-stitched Christmas stocking for Owen. Adorable Mary Englebreit design. Due date: Christmas 2002, and each successive Christmas thereafter. Andy has an adorable hand-stitched Christmas stocking, and I can't leave Owen out.

So, here it is in mid-June. I have finished my mother-in-law's socks (they'll go in the mail soon, I promise), and I have started the afghan:

(Why yes, that is the most boring picture of knitting ever. How kind of you to notice!). However, I have also started:

(1) A pair of socks for Andy, for his birthday. How could I not? His birthday is July 1st, and there is sock yarn that stripes up like the American flag! Thank goodness his feet are still small.

(2) A sweater for me: Green Gable, which is actually berry-colored, in my version. It's been started and ripped back, so I have no progress to show.

(3) Remodeling the downstairs bathroom:

Any sane person would stop now, right? She would take herself firmly in hand and say something like, "No more projects for you, little missy, until you've cleaned up this mess you've made."

I am not, however, a sane person (nor am I in the habit of calling myself "little missy"). I am a person with a decidedly insane desire to knit a log cabin blanket, a la the lovely ladies over at Maxon Dixon Knitting. I have a fabulous idea for a spiral log cabin design done in blues with a center red square. It will be gorgeous. If I ever finish it.

This desire was under control until I found this: a log cabin knitalong. That pretty much did me in, and I spent most of yesterday afternoon searching for appropriate yarn. Projected knitalong start date is July 1. Projected finish date is the twelfth of Never.

Somebody, please, sedate me.


  • At 12:43 PM, Blogger Jenny said…

    I long ago gave up on having a 'sane' number of projects. I try to think of having so many as "part of the fun". That's my story anyway!

  • At 2:46 AM, Blogger Stasha said…

    Sounds to me like you're doing just fine, just like I am...


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