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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Still here.

For some reason, I seem to go through periods where I just don't feel like blogging much. And ironically, they seem to happen when I'm least stressed out about work. Or maybe that's not ironic at all. Can't face the pile on your desk? Turn left 90 degrees and write a blog entry, complete with pictures that you have to upload and everything!

And then Bryan died, and I've been trying to figure out what to write about it, and I just can't. The sudden death of a young man with a wife and small child hits much too close to home. As I grieve for my friend, who is now facing a life completely different than the one she woke up to ten days ago, I am acutely aware how perilously close we all are to the same thing.

Well, shoot. I thought I was ready to be cheerful again, and here I am mulling about death. Sorry 'bout that; I guess I'm still processing it.

I'm headed off for Atlanta tomorrow for a long-awaited visit with some friends. When I return, there will be PICTURES! Of knitted stuff! And of the tomato plants that ate Cleveland (or at least a portion of my back yard)! And of cute children! If they will hold still for two seconds!


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